Thursday, April 22, 2010

we need followerz ...

ok so at this moment at time we hav no follwers ... haha and i have noting realy to blog about so if any one !!! ever reads this please please please follow... want any advice tell me ... get friends etc to join haha ....yeah so thnx


Monday, April 19, 2010

how to meet at a disco !!

OK so now you know how to meet at a public place you properly think you know how 2 meet at disco :) wrong !! well obvs the kissin is the same but the point of meeting is quite different .. see most people people like people they meet allot but a disco people meet anyone ... within reason of course :P see for example theirs a girl in my class and at the last big disco she meet 23 fellas but shes not labeled a slut .... its quite strange really :) ( oh and please don't comment being all like that's not how discos are because I'm just given my own personal experiences and if you don't like just don't read )

OK so even asking people 2 meet you at a disco is done differently .. heres what usely happens

1. you get a tap or something along those lines

2. a friend ( or random er ) usely do a kinda nudge head at their friend .. sometimes they even mouth will you meet him ..

3 if you don't think hes but ugly and want to meet him nod

4 . OK so now cross your hands around his neck

5 lean in .. and get it on


* bring some mints or something to keep you minty fresh
* try and not meet people you don't know .. who knows who they are ??


* beware your friends !! the will kick you up the whole

Thursday, April 15, 2010

how to get a meet

OK so were Irish rite ?? yeah so as we are awesome we have gotta be awesome and have our own way to kiss also known as meeting , feeking amm if your English snogging ( haha sounds so funny )

ok the difference between meeting and snogging is the fact that people don't have to be going out to meet in fact you can meet complete randomers :)

ok so how to meet someone

at school .or place like that

1. find a Target ;)

2.get a friend 2 see if the like you or would meet you ( noting is as shame full as a face 2 face rejection )

3. now assuming the said yes you now choose if you wanna be direct or if you are shy get a friend 2 do it text ring or ask the target will he/she will meet you

4. if the Target says no don't worry theirs noting wrong with you their could be loads of reasons why they wont meet you from glandular fever to being a jerk so don't give up

5 if the Target says yes then brilliant :) haha get it on


* don't meet someone you don't like just for the sake of a first meet you will regret it

* find a good place 2 meet aka fire exits or local housing estate good beside a teacher bad

* get a friend to keep lookout

* don't be a washing machine


* don't be bummed if someone doesn't wanna meet you

* random meets are ok at discos etc not so good at school as for all you that person could be ...... yeah that bad

* keep relaxed

* their is a difference between would you and will you meet someone .. weird i no


dia duit :L

hey well i dunno 2day i was bored and i realised that although their is plenty site telling you how to kiss .. believe me if you type into the google search box
how to .. the first 2 choices are how 2 have sex and how to kiss so i looked around the second choice and i realised this info they put up is completely useless to us irish ...come on we roll difrently

so i created this blog to give you my opion on stuff .. to give you advice and other things so yeah ..

x xx x x x